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I have been drawing in forever always thinking about something new; something beautiful. I always follow what my heart tells me through my art, and I am not surprise where I am now. I work in most art medium ranging from drawing to digital to photoshop and it tuned my skills quite flexibly. What challenges may wait ahead, I am always testing my art style and hope one day I can settle in to one.


Photoshop, Microsoft Software, Manga Studio, Painting, Drawing, inking

The Lonely Tree studio encor

The Lonely Tree


This is my landscape drawing of a lonely withering tree. I drew some rocks and a river that was separate into two river falls. The two side of the landscape is separated by the river falls. I used only a mechanical 0.5 pencil.

Last Man Home


I start off this piece with a train's interior in mind. Everything here is made up, but I observed some images of the inside of trains. This piece is meant to confuse my audience into thinking where the place is. The person sitting down on the chair represents the feeling of the last person who goes home on the train. I used a ruler and blue lead mechanical pencil to start out the sketch. I use another mechanical pencil to shade, and lastly I used an eraser to light out some spots in the shading area.

Last Man Home studio encor
Fire Light studio encor

Fire Light

June 2017

This is a redrawn of my 2010 art in which is one of the very first best anime drawings I’ve done. Trying it again in 2017 was a blast, and my improvement was phenomenal! If people believe practice makes perfect, then in one year span of practice, there will bound to be improvement. This piece remind me of how I will always continue to be better at drawing as long as I continue to draw.

The Light That Illuminates


In this picture, I drew an armor angel and a gigantic demon. I was always interested to see how detailed I can get, and I never believe I can get this far. I start out with a pencil for the outlines. I use black paint to cover up the dark areas. I then use the 2-8B art pencils to shade the entire piece. I finish it up with my art shader.

The Light that Illuminates studio encor
The Abyss Girl studio encor

The Abyss Girl


I was very inspired by the design of the clothes of an anime that I recently watched. I start to sketch out one of my own design using some of their concept. I used my blue lead mechanical pencil for the sketch, and outlined it with a pen. I finish it with color pencils. Turn out the mixtures of purple, blue and back made a very nice shine to the background. I always surprised by how much I can achieve with so little resources.

Future Tack


I want to draw a train with my interest in buildings and the future. This train and another train on the bottom are functioning on top and below of a midair train track. I used my blue lead mechanical pencil to start out the lines with a ruler. Then I outlined it with my ink pens. I also shade this piece using cross hatching and line shading with my ink pens.

Future Track studio encor
Light of Distance studio encor

Light in the Distance


This piece was drawn in a surface pro in which only proves that different media does not degrade an artist’s skill. This one was digital and is one of the first time I start testing out new brushes and applying new shading methods. The lighting is also a test, and the result does surprise me. Most of the time, my results always surprise me, but this one was quite the shock. With this piece, I am closer to knowing more and more about my program and its tools.

Lumi Design


This is my main female lead, Lumi and is one of the many characters that I drew for my novels. Although most of my novel were never started, drawing the characters helped motivate me to think of interesting plots and visualization of interaction. Drawing the faces at many different angles is one of the hardest thing an artist face, and that will be my strength for I have practice drawing that way many times.

Lumi Design studio encor
Pin studio encor



This piece is once again another character of my many novel, but the only difference is that this one is in manga style. Flexibility is an artist main weapon and having the skills to draw in different format brings more into my skills. The use of manga style in this piece help me understand the shading and lining of actual manga and how they work.

LSKK Cover

June 2017

This is a piece requested by Studio Encor, and is one of my most recent art. This digital art was composed of many element from lights to shades, contrast, manipulation of color balance to perspective. This is one of the best I have done in present, and I learned a lot from it. The colors and textures of the tree to leaves and clothes was very fun to test.

Lub Siab Keeb Kwm - The Heart is Mysterious Den.Y Studio Encor