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Work Philosophy

I'm still learning as I go. This is my freedom of being a self-taught musician. Although I may not be perfect or know things that many others do, I still strive to learn more about the endlessness of what's to come. Preferably, I enjoy working alone in a silent environment, where I cut ties with the rest of the world so that I can perfect my craft; just as our creators created us, when it started in silence.


Musician, Composer, Cubase LE AI 7, Corel Painter Esstentials 5, Google Docs.


The Marriage Promise

This composition was dedicated to my older sister and Isaiah for their wedding. This song came about one night as I was trying some new ideas. I had nothing to give to them for a wedding gift, so this song was the perfect piece. A promise of a lifetime and the most important promise in life. A promise to commit one's life to another. This is the promise bestowed between two people joining as one. This is the marriage promise.

 The 13th Rose

This composition was made on Valentine's day. I purposely composed this piece for the sake of that. The 13th rose is a bit of a contradiction of itself. Roses comes in dozens. The number 13 isn't considered (in Western culture) a good number. And to top it all off, the video portrays a blue rose, which is an unnatural color for a rose that shouldn't even exist. This concept or idea comes to mind when a love for a person becomes out of the ordinary of what society portrays what love is.


Here are some of the music that I've worked on from the past. Most of them are just covers that other people had wanted me to do. I had lots of fun making them and they have helped to pushed my music skills to the limit. Some aren't perfect, but a masterpiece is always unfinished. The first three will be featured on our upcoming Visual Novel "Lub Saib Keeg Kwm". Be sure to pause the music on the page before you listen. Enjoy!


Art/ Drawings

Playing with Lucy
Lucy is the name of my guitar.  It's my first electric guitar and I've grown attached to it over the years of playing. I got the name after the main female protagonist "Lucy" from Fairy Tail. One of my favorite manga series by Hiro Mashima.

The Masked Man
This was my first drawing on my pen tablet. I had lots of fun learning how to using it and I spent couple hours making this guy. I always had a thing for masked characters because they have a sense of mystery in them, hiding their true power, potential, and identity.

Boring old me. I had to upload a picture for this website. Didn't want to use a real picture so I decided to draw one. Turned out to be really good after not touching the pen tablet for months.  The headphones pays homage for my love for Yamaha products.

We hope that eventually there would be an occasion which I can personally prove that game music can in fact impress many different people and move them.

- Nobuo Uematsu


Draw with me.

- Mike Inel

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