Work Philosophy

 I work in a quantitative execution. I make myself do the work to ackowledge failure because out of 100 trails, I'll probably win 10. That winning number will slowly go up as long as I continue put out content and knock out as many mistakes as I can. Having this mentality allows me not to regret losing and allows me to push for the next thing. FINSH EDITING MUSIC, OKAY NOW FINISH MAKING MORE MUSIC, OKAY GET VIDEO DONE, OKAY NOW REDO THE FIRST MUSIC BECAUSE IT SOUNDS LIKE CRAP. My work philosophy is a giant to-do list because back in the day I always found myself thinking and theorizing and not actually throwing myself out there. If I can exucute greatness, then I just have to repeat it the process. Jet-Li once said, "I don't fear the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks but the man who has practiced 1 kick 10,000 times!" I don't refine my qualitative skill but work in quantity in hopes of finding quality.


Musician, Music Engineer, Videographer, Logic Pro X, Final Cut Pro, and Adobe After Effects. 


Project Landing
I am creating, "The Project" which are a series of in which I practice refining my composing, videography, mixing, and storytelling. They can become bigger projects if it develops a crowd. As for now, it will remain as my practice tools. Project landing is the first to begin the series in which I refine my skills in photography, After Effects, and composing in Logic.