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Work Philophy

I am always trying to improve on my skills to be well-rounded.  I aim for perfection with overloading details, to the point where the average cannot pin point minor mishaps.  I work in this fashion because it pushes one's self to reach the capacity of space in a canvas.  This also teaches you the flow in an artform.  Untilizing most while doing little.


Photoshop, InDesign, Flash, Illustrator, After Effects, Premiere, Web Design, Graphic Design, HTML, Tyrano Builer, Renpy, Python, Vegas Pro, SEO, SEM, Digital Marketing, Singer & Songwriter, FL Studio, Ableton

Lub Siab Keej Kwm - The Heart is Mysterious Lucia's Dance Cover Two

March 3, 2017

This is the second cover for our visual novel "The Heart is Mysterious."  I used a 3d reference from clip studio paint and exported it to photoshop.  I began drawing on top of the 3d figure.  I wanted to take it upon myself to make it a challenge so I chose more of a dynamic posture.  Hair flowing with the dress and all.  I wanted the colors to reflect the vibrance of the lighting so I had the light face above her.  The style of art that I wanted to go for was semi-realistic. I believe I achieve this effect.  The grass and flowers on the other hand was copied and pasted but I didn't want all of them to look identical so I created depth in each flower.  To make it look more natural I made sure that the background and character would blend together.

Lub Siab Keej Kwm - The Heart is Mysterious Lucia & Genku Cover One

January 7, 2017

I created this peice for our visual novel's front cover.  I used a reference pose as a guide for the characters and I also wanted to add more of a natural scenry, so I implemented what was relative to the content.  I borrowed two fonts from and kern the typography.  To create more depth I added grass, a tree, mountains, the sky, and yellow orbs.  I could not draw the sky  so I took a photo of the sky and photoshop it to blend with the scene.  After everything was composed I added a effect layer above the whole canvas to create more of a warmth feel.

Lucia Genku Lub Siab Keej Kwm The Heart is Mysterious

Invisible Chain #enditmovement

Febuary 26, 2017

I drew this one for "End it Movement."  This one was a bit of a tricky one considering the background was 3d and my first time building models.  I used Google Sketchup to create the the room, the bed, the lamps, and the night stands.  Off to the left there is even a window.  Once I was finished building I colored the background in photoshop.  Later adding the girl in the middle.  I was ecstatic how this one came out considering the composition, the position, and the lighting.  I wanted the photo to center the girl so I used a hard shading for the door light, at the same time have a dim-lit room.  The girl sat perfectly in the room.

Plants vs Zombies - Happy Birthday Ethan (Commission)

March 18, 2017

This was a commission work that the commissionee wanted to replicate the same art style as the original.  I took the original image and placed it into Flash and started tracing the outlines of each character.  I needed to keep the lines not so pixelated so I used a different program rather than Photoshop.  Flash is good for their vector images but it starts to get awkward when coloring.  The platte is all over the place and versitity is bothersome to understand.  Nevertheless I managed.  I wanted to make sure it wasn't too identical to the orginal so I added a grandient map over each characters.

Plants vs Zombies studio encor

Be My Valentine

Febuary 14, 2016

I wanted to take it upon myself to make a challenge and give animation a go.  This is my first animation using Flash.  I used a lot of tweening to create the animation and also Photoshop for the backgrounds.  I seperated the characters into two different layers, that way, it would be a lot easier to work with.  I also did the voice acting for the animation.  Even going as far as composing the song.  I also had help from Jesse to mix the music.  All in all this was something that I was proud of.  My first animation.

Blazewoow (Commision)

May 28, 2016

I was very fond of how this one came out.  I used photoshop to create the characters and during the time I realize how to change backgrounds to become more cartoony.  This was a brilliant discovery as I would evenutally use this technique for future projects.  The feel that I was going for in this image was more of a "futuristic Dark Knight."  At the time I was learning more and more about color blend and how light contrasted to dark.

Blazewoow Studio Encor
Manon Studio Encor

Manon (Commision)

May 28, 2016

This one was a head shot drawing of Sound of Speed's original character.  I did a lot of color balance with this piece.  I wanted to clean this one up a bit more but unfortunately I was running into "lack-of-experience" issue.  But nevertheless it still came out great and the commisionee loved it.

Lodus (Commision)

Feburary 9, 2016

This is by far one of my most favorite peices as I spent a total of eight hours focusing on minor details.  I drew this for a rapper who wanted a front cover for his album.  I also started to dabble in semi-realistic painting.  I used a font from and created the gradiant background from photoshop.  The rapper asked me if I could replicate the drawing style from "Naruto," with semi-realistic painting. I hope I got close to his vision.

Lodus Studio Encor
Yeng Xiong Studio Encor

Yeng X. (Commision)

February 9, 2016

A commision work I did for a friend who really wanted me to draw her in a manga style.  I tried a semi-realistic painting but I was running to some minor issues.  I couldn't draw lips well at the time something more simple there.  I could get away with it since this style doesn't require much detail.  Also make-up isn't one of my forte so this was another issue.  But I did the best I could and this came out.  I'm not hating it but it's wouldn't be my greatest work of art.  I did however use this as a stepping stone for a learning curve.

If I had a Visual Novel

September 28, 2015

I really loved how this one turned out.  Even if it's not an acually game but made up on photoshop.  This is how my first visual novel would have looked like with the interface.  Something simple.

If I had a visual novel Studio Encor
Sunset Studio Encor


September 25, 2015

I used a pose as a reference for the character and added a background and blended it in.  I wanted to work with lighting with this one and suprisingly it came out just the way I liked.


September 23, 2015

I have been thinking of random stories for awhile now and this came to mind.  It's about a girl who is abused physically and mentality by her step-mother.  The only way out is her escape to her imagination world where she fights with a needle sword to defend herself from the unworldly enemies.  After drawing this I came to the notion that eventually I wanted to create an rpg with this story.  Because my artform is consistantly changing I will have to get back to this again in the future. Very soon.

Estelle studio encor
Notice me Senpai Studio Encor

Notice Me Senpai

September 20, 2015

It was during the age of "Yandandere" and I wanted to give this gore shot a try.  Two things I can definitely work on.  The way blood splatters and inanimate objects.  I do in fact believe that I succeed the correct face expression here.