A New Chapter for Studio Encor…

The Place Where Birds Don't Fly Studio Encor Release Date

Hello again everyone!

Oh man it’s been ages but without further ado here’s our next installment we promised you all! The Place Where Birds Don’t Fly! I know I know… Why the long title. Well it’s because… just kidding, i’m not going to spoil it lol in any case, this has been another huge fulfillment after Lub Siab Keeb Kwm – The Heart is Mysterious.  We want to thank our Art Speicalist DenY for tackling this gigantic project for drawing the art for it! Yes, I said it, DenY will be drawing everything! woohoo! sorry Chibit… (T-T) haha just kidding. Chibit is actually the concept artist and story writer for our lastest project! So you’ll definitely get the emotional ride you were looking for. As for KenG and JayhurXD you’ll hear the music composition from them time to time… Sometimes. As you can tell by the image on top we will be uploading our webcomic to Line Webtoon! Now you can enjoy our story with many other great webcomics out there! We are excited for this journey and we hope you all hop on board as we tell another hearfelt story.  It’s going to have romance, comedy, slice of life, drama, and thriller! And a small bit of…. fantasy? ermm… let’s go with that. Just use your imagination lol.  We are attempting to to get featured on Line Webtoon so if possible we would love you all to share the boogers out of The Place Where Birds Don’t Fly. Comment on it and give it all the hearts it can get! hahaha well… if you want too. We would appreciate it. Lastly this project isn’t like a video game where you guys would have to wait for us sooo you’ll get weekly updates to when the next chapter will be out! yay! This would also be one of our longer projects so definitely stay tuned as we of Studio Encor, tell another incredible story!   And as one chapter closes, another story begins with Studio Encor. Have fun reading and thank you all for staying with us. This journey wouldn’t have been possible without you all! Thank you! 🙂

Webtoon starts on September 3rd, 2017.

ps. If you’re on our website daily. You’ll get the chance to read the chapters before it airs on Line Webtoon. ANNDD if you become one of our patreon you’ll get to read the up-coming chapter before it comes out. XD okay bye!