Milestone one giveaways free studio encor


Greetings again everyone! I would love to announce we are doing milestones for our game Lub Siab Keeb Kwm – The Heart is Mysterious! We are so happy about our game and people playing that we wanted to give out free giveaways!

We will have 4 different Milestones!
Milestone 100: A artwork of LSKK by Chibit. One person will win a physical copy of the artwork and signed by the team!
Milestone 250: Two people will win a physical copy of the game, SIGNED, AND an instrumental cover of your choice made by KenG
Milestone 500: A artwork made by Den.Y, 5 copies will be sent out and SIGNED by the team
Milestone 750: ? (when we reach 500 we will unlock this one)
Milestone 1000: It’s even a bigger ?

With that being said we do have some rules to this. ahem~

-You can only download the game ONCE.
-Only those who download it on our WEBSITE will be able to enter.
-You must have a valid ADDRESS for us to send you giveaways!
-The people within the milestone will only be able to participate in that milestone(example: so if you are 101… sorry) but you are qualified for the next milestone!
-You must respond to us within 5 business days after the announcement of winning. If not the prize will go to someone else. (We will be sure to contact you)
-You cannot cheat by making duplicate accounts. (we will know)
-You cannot have a PO box.
-People who have won a milestone before cannot win again.

This will go on until we hit the last milestone! so hurry and quickly make a spot for yourself in the milestone! 😀 We are excited and we hope you are too! FREE GIVEAWAYS!

So far… 33/100 Downloads