LSKK – The Heart is Mysterious OUT NOW!

Lucia Genku Lub Siab Keej Kwm The Heart is Mysterious

The game is out today! If you have time go play it! Also big shout out to Moua Yang for the official game cover! We have put a lot of time into the game! To answer some question, the game is only for PC at the moment. We will research and add it to the app store later and put it on MAC. Please share and follow us on FB! We are glad that we are done with this project. It is pretty sad as this story comes to an end. But with Studio Encor, with one chapter close another one opens! Stay tuned as we have more stories to share! Thank you everyone! And thank you team for all your hard efforts! This could not have been possible without all your help! See you all on the next chapter of Studio Encor!


Lub Siab Keeb Kwm – The Heart is Mysterious