LSKK – The Heart is Mysterious! (VN Complete!)

Lucia Lub Siab Keeb Kwm The Heart is Mysterious

We would love to announce that we are finally done with the game! We want to thank families, friends, and fans for their support and mostly thank our team members Chibit, KenG, and JayhurXD for all their hard work. These past months had been a crazy journey but time and time again we pushed through. Our first game. A Hmong visual novel. If anybody would had asked one year and five months ago, we didn’t think it was possible. But here we are! still kicking strong! We are sad to say goodbye to this project as it was our first with so much energy, time, tears, sweat, and effort but we can only hope to create more memories to come. Thank you all so much for supporting us and staying positive for this movement of ours. We have so much more in store for all. Again, we are so blessed to be at this point. We will see you all on May 27th, 2017 for the release of the game. Even though the story ends, another chapter begins with Studio Encor. See you soon!

-Studio Encor