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LSKK – The Heart is Mysterious! (VN Complete!)

We would love to announce that we are finally done with the game! We want to thank families, friends, and fans for their support and mostly thank our team members Chibit, KenG, and JayhurXD for all their hard work. These…
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Lucia and Genku Promo series 1 Studio Encor

Webtoon Series… jk (UPDATE)

On a serious note we do plan on having our own webtoon series!  It's just not going to be "The heart is Mysterious" (sorry T-T) lol.  It's going to be a whole new awesome and inspired story! Find out in…
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A Start to a New Beginning!

Wow I can't believe we've made it this far!  I'm super proud of our team and what we have accomplished.  You have to admit creating webpages was NOT easy(especially for me lol).  There was a lot of trial and error…
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