Our Story

Studio Encor is an awe-inspiring creative arts company that puts visuals, music, and story-telling to give you a heartfelt master piece.  We make video games, animations, webtoons, and what the mind can imagine!

Before Studio Encor we were ordinary young men who worked a nine to five job, looked for a career path, or tried to go back to school to find a better job.  In our lives there were always an adversary inbetween but nevertheless we would find time to get together to tell stories of what one day we will write, games we will make, and what we could acomplish.  We write this as we all felt a senitmental feeling of "stuckness." Not being able to do what we have always wanted.  That is, to do what we love best.  And like any idea it was either a match that would smoked out or could become a wild fire.  In this case, we chose the latter.  What's the point in life if we don't give it our all?  We soon talked to one another about ideas and platform we would be on, our focus, and our end goals.  Whether we would only compose animations, make games, or webtoon series.  We came to a conclusion that we wanted to do them all, with our twist of course.  We began working on our first visual novel and after a year later Studio Encor was born.

Meet the Team!

Chie Herr Studio Encor

Chie H - CHIbit

Founder and CEO, Chie is an aspirating young man with goals to further Studio Encor.  He has worked with multiple clients and group projects in the field of creative arts. He is always striving to improve his talent to the tee.  His dream is to one day build a community and bring Studio Encor to the light of others.  He is passionate and devoted when it comes to his work, which makes him a great team leader.  He excels best at art and animation but there are no roles that he can not fullfilled.  The best way to describe him is a "Jack-of-all-Trades."

Keng L - KenG

Co-Founder and Musician, Keng is an aspirating musician who loves to try new things within the art of music. Started at the age of 11, he taught himself how to play the piano. Eventually, he had become a multi-instrumentalist, learning how to play a variety of instruments. He strives for the best when it comes to working on a composition. His dream one day is to be able to touch the hearts of many with music. With Studio Encor, he will do his best to ensure that his dream will become a reality to all.

Keng Lee Studio Encor
Jesse Herr Studio Encor

Jesse H - JayHurXD


Music engineer, JayHurXD is the man who refines the songs and emotions that play in each scene. He breathes life into the creativity and ideas generated by the team. He is working hard to be an aspiring musician, engineer, and teammate. While his special abilities lies within the music production world, he's on an adventure to the realms of story telling, animation, and art. He is shooting higher than the stars with his goals and plans with StudioEncor. He will reach past the top.

Moua Y - DenY


I have been drawing since I was six, and it's all whatever.  I love ranging from fantasy monsters to anime like Dragonball Z.  I am a self-taught artist, and my main inspiration was from the things I believe are fascinating and beautiful.  Upon going to middle school, I learned about anime from my friend and that's when my journey began.  I was hooked on the style, the stories, and the beauty within what an anime can make me feel.  The art style from then has been my prominent art.  I don't have a world-wide dream and even now it's still vague, but if I can entertain people with my art then I am completely satisfied with that.  I have joined Studio Encor recently, and I believe it is the place that will connect my art to the world.

Moua Yang Studio Encor