A Start to a New Beginning!

tree Lub Siab Keej Kwm The Heart is Mysterious bird fox studio encor
Wow I can’t believe we’ve made it this far!  I’m super proud of our team and what we have accomplished.  You have to admit creating webpages was NOT easy(especially for me lol).  There was a lot of trial and error but gosh darn it we did it!  One of the most important rule is to never give up! and a model I live by.  So much to do and yet I feel that time is always a head of us.  But nevertheless we keep moving and striving forward!  When we began we really didn’t think much of trying to build a company out of our ideas.  it was just silly… well ideas! lol  But hey, life has a way with how the world goes round and well we’re moving forward.  The three of us are going to bring Studio Encor into the light of others just you wait!  Visual Novels, animations, video games, comics and even more!  I’m so excited that I can’t help but not share the information with you guys! but I’d probably get in trouble from the other members. hahaha.  All I can say at the moment is we will have “Lub Siab Keej Kwm – The Heart is Mysterious” out on May 2017 ANNDDD an up-and-coming webtoon series!  Can’t tell you much on that but we will soon!  Also we don’t have any content yet for products because we have none sooo just wait.  I hope you all liked the website we all worked hard on, thanks for stoping by, and most of all have a wonderful day/evening/night! Ciao~
Oh almost forgot! I just want to add this footnote that we will not be posting much update here because we NOW have a Patreon!  What is a Patreon? Well google it lol (sorry but just go research)  Basically we wanted to build a community where our fans are able to contribute to Studio Encor and the team members.  We can’t strive without you guys and we wanted to connect more with our fans!  Do you have have to donate? no but it will really help us a lot! and you can donate as little as a dollar!  Where does your money go? (I take all the money and run away. lol jk) great question my good friend!  The money will go towards studio Encor and the team members.  What we will use the money for? to keep the website running, buying future equipment/software, paying for contractors (in case we need help within a project) and so we don’t have to live off cup noodles… T-T aside from that lol  With your help we can also support the team members so they can focus more on projects and increase the work load, that way we can put all our time and engery here!  What do you gain from donating? GREAT QUESTION! well to start off you get access to all our concept work including art, music, design, plus much more!  You will be able to see what we are working on currently and have access to video games, music, and animation sooner once you are a patreon of ours!  In the future if you as our patreon ask, we will even do live streams for you guys and showcase what we are working on AND give you music non-commercially to listen too!  How cool is that?  I repeated myself but you get the point!  If we ever hit a certain goal then we also plan to do free give-a-ways!  There is so much we can do with patreon the possibilities are endless!  I know I am getting ahead of myself but again I want to let you know that if you can’t donate it’s okay.  We’ve all been there before (as I mentioned cup noodles T-T).  As long as your excited as we are to move forward with this company cheering us on, it already means the world to us.  You can simply tell your friends and family about us!  The updates won’t be as frequent there but we’ll still keep you in the loop of things! 😉  So to recap: Access to Concept works, Access to early releases, Access to even FREE!  Sorry for the ramble and thanks for listening! i’ll let you go now! CIAO~